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  • BiscuitBoy478

    Nintendo carried E3 this year

  • Riff Family
    Riff Family


  • SWR

    If splatoon 2 was for xbox game pass then this would make sense

  • Sharpshot

    Stalker 2 come to papa

  • NS777

    Yooo, sponsored by throw-the-math-rocks-and-do-the-math-game-but-now-its-digital

  • Prof D 420
    Prof D 420

    No fucking way did they get a Bullshittery reference in😂

  • Sheepy007

    You forgot the Capcom Presentation. IT was epic

  • Outbreak Perfected
    Outbreak Perfected

    Dark alliance RELEASES on my BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Kieran

    "Knock knock muthafu- well you know the rest" 😂😂😂

  • Shadow Sam
    Shadow Sam

    CircleToons animated. Now give me likes.

  • GletchGuy

    no halo multiplayer is not gonna make me buy wario ware and Metroid Dread

  • RagtagVenom

    I love how you had the same reaction; I nearly WEPT at how good Infinite looks!

  • yeetus geetus
    yeetus geetus


  • KillEverybody

    *cries in Smite's past glory*

  • Django Davis
    Django Davis

    I hate you

  • Mazda Demio XD Touring '15
    Mazda Demio XD Touring '15


  • Django Davis
    Django Davis

    I hate you

  • Roberto Montes de Oca
    Roberto Montes de Oca

    This year was quite shite. See you next year.

  • Joshua Rowley
    Joshua Rowley

    I'm personally offended you didn't show that they announced SMT5.

  • AK

    He animated the ad, but didn't animate the video... *I love it*

  • Its_yaya

    Damn I guess SMTV doesn,t exist.

  • Zethan

    This dude has his priorities straight, the E3 segment has his usual move things around on the screen style of animation, but when talking about Dungeons and Dragons Circle actually puts in the effort to do more traditional animation, lol!

  • seven glue
    seven glue

    whats the name of the song of the people in space.

  • Junpei Animates
    Junpei Animates

    Nintendo E3 2021 in a nutshell: “so….what you were saying?”

  • Lord Krythic
    Lord Krythic

    Just wanted to point out that over 40 minutes of the Ubisoft showcase was quite literally them talking about equality and inclusiveness. I legit left to mow my yard, came back, and they were still talking about it. They were talking about toxic leftism, in a showcase that's supposed to be about videogames.

  • Machine Bread
    Machine Bread

    E3 wasn't very good this year but I still gotta give it to Xbox since Nintendo just didn't do anything really besides kazuya

  • Elisia Gildemiester
    Elisia Gildemiester

    I legit laughed at the tombstones.

  • If Mations
    If Mations

    Friday night funkin….?

  • Dr Esqalizé
    Dr Esqalizé

    0:54 can anyone send a link?

  • Arcanus Afonso
    Arcanus Afonso

    We got Metroid, son. We happy

  • Kenan Von Kaiser
    Kenan Von Kaiser

    Nintendo Continues Its Winning Streak!

  • Jay Octopus
    Jay Octopus

    I must kill the chaos

  • Cthulhunoms

    "John Madden!"

  • j p
    j p


  • Not Japanese
    Not Japanese

    And then E3 died not with a boom. but with a dying breath.

  • Maybe Rufus
    Maybe Rufus

    0:52 is that a Moon base Alpha reference?

  • don bolsa
    don bolsa

    Valve : Regarding the tf2 update.... I Lied

  • Josh

    That enthusiasm about getting sponsored by D&D alone deserves a like.

  • Channel Name
    Channel Name

    I like how the sponsor has better animation in the entire video

  • Samuel gaming
    Samuel gaming

    The Halo multiplayer was beautiful

  • Asriel

    ubisoft vs bethesda+xbox ubisoft: shows a 6 minute trailer, describes the game for 10 mionutes everyone: boring ubisoft: ok but r6e xbox: shows 15 trailers in a row everyone: ok but what is that supposed to mean xbox: uhhhhhh

  • Dino_dude47

    I swear I might just not watch full metal alchemist out of pure spite

  • Lt Lu2
    Lt Lu2

    I don't want to be that guy, but free to play means hackers I still have ptsd from cs and warzone

  • Cobra gamer
    Cobra gamer

    ma man you heve the best sponser ever

  • Fionn McAleer
    Fionn McAleer

    Nintendo fans just always think the Nintendo conference is good, even when they announce nothing.

  • Nerds Army
    Nerds Army

    That animaron looked so great :D

  • Somewhat Ryver
    Somewhat Ryver

    The skyrim sounds lmao

  • H

    ok, ok *I am not used to not seeing a pen on screen at all times*

  • Kevin kommt spielen
    Kevin kommt spielen

    Imagine adding your game to the game pass and actually including the story -this post was made by rockstar games

  • Fai Mynth
    Fai Mynth

    I only watched the Nintendo e3 and wasn't really impressed, there was only 2 indie games that caught my attention the rest was eh

  • Saibot124

    0:27 Sony is smart because he save money and if Microsoft make promises they don't make they will get reckt.

  • Giorno Ohbama
    Giorno Ohbama

    DOUBENY! Show yourself

  • Humble

    Xbox is finally getting their shit together and I couldn’t be happier

  • David Rogness
    David Rogness

    D&D dark alliance? Like, the PS2 game?

  • Enzo Garcia Petraglia
    Enzo Garcia Petraglia


  • Maverick Turner
    Maverick Turner

    Dark Alliance... on Gamepass already; I think we all know who the winner is at this point... buhahaha!

  • Tek9oh9

    Halo beats all, lol

  • Gerald Wakolbinger
    Gerald Wakolbinger

    I could watch that beholder-scene on 2:07 100 times and it would still crack me up.

  • Austin Chang
    Austin Chang


  • Андрювей (Андрювей)
    Андрювей (Андрювей)


  • CTag

    When E3 is disappointing for the first Time in forever

  • Crobat 169 (coolkevin969)
    Crobat 169 (coolkevin969)

    To be fair, slime rancher 2 was also announced

  • SG W
    SG W

    I think we can all agree that Nintendo was the most hype, in terms of reveals this year.

  • Ignacio Carbonara
    Ignacio Carbonara


  • Me Mes
    Me Mes

    No splatoon 3 yet yyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

  • I Feel Terrible
    I Feel Terrible

    The Nintendo direct was really disappointing tbh

  • Sometimes Y
    Sometimes Y


  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports

    Not Raid Shadow Legends

  • ChamberK

    Yo that shit looks like the battle pass

  • carsandsports123

    don't work for DnD but want to shout out. Xbox people you do get that with game pass on release so you guys have no excuse not to try it

  • The Random Artist
    The Random Artist

    Elden ring is the only thing keeping me going honestly, ooooh elden ring, my dear tarnished.

  • Anarchy And Empires
    Anarchy And Empires

    Not going to lie I'm really freaking excited for Forza, hell it takes place on my freaking birth city, I haven't been back there in 16 years but I still remember it, yeah I don't remember too much of it it's more of a faded dream than a real memory but I think that's the best way to experience it now, we're leaving a dream while driving a Corvette at 200+ miles an hour, can't wait to race throughout it's streets with my boys. Viva Mexico!!!

  • Aurora Gaming
    Aurora Gaming

    Elden Ring was Atlas and the summer games news was the world

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale

    X.B.O.X. X Box One X

  • Dion •
    Dion •

    Wait what actually happened with sony? When are they gonna do something?

  • Ezana Wright
    Ezana Wright

    Xbox: we got halo multiplayer Nintendo: So? Xbox: so we win! Nintendo: ......

  • FedRG

    The one time that a Halo trailer stands a chance against the whole being of Nintendo at an E3 in this era, is truly a magical moment. However, Nintendo also delivered, they did a good job with E3. Also, the Halo MP trailer got #1 on trending, that's really cool.

  • Garrett Chen
    Garrett Chen

    summer gamesfest wins off elden ring alone

  • PhantomCom

    I love how Capcom was so forgettable this year you didn't even include them

  • Lazar Milojevic
    Lazar Milojevic

    love the moonbase alpha reference