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  • The Sea Bound Dragon
    The Sea Bound Dragon

    Alternative title. Undertail bosses in a nutshell

  • YayDude123

    Friday Night Funkin mods be like

  • hà Naruto
    hà Naruto

    U are right

  • Tractor Lover 1952
    Tractor Lover 1952

    Pls no bully but I liked halo anniversary BECAUSE!! Nostalgia, it was was my first halo game and I played it non-stop with my brother

  • Welon Husk
    Welon Husk

    Super Paper Mario gave me the big sad

  • AddBot

    The beginning song was from dc universe online

  • Ace Alanor
    Ace Alanor

    Minecraft in a Nutshell

  • Your Funeral
    Your Funeral

    Resident evil in a moldshell

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles

    They say he was able to get a perfect record by lucking out on the birthing RNG. The mother was a sex slave and her infant was thrown to some pigs after being coat hanger grappled.

  • EzioAuditore117

    Everyone gangster dill ditto sounds like elmo

  • Tang Anson
    Tang Anson

    Apparently you've never seen tf2 comp lobbies

  • Pink Lion Gaming
    Pink Lion Gaming

    A real liar would say "us" not "me" to disassociate themselves from the situation

  • Zangetsu Gaming
    Zangetsu Gaming

    Part 2 where the mqn comes back as the final boss just to kill the one that replaced him, that woukd be perfect right there XD

  • Basement Dweller
    Basement Dweller

    Your camera is shaky.

  • BrandonThe God
    BrandonThe God

    Still laugh when I watch this video I'm subbing

  • Engineer gaming
    Engineer gaming

    Cyber war 7 awfully sounds familiar

  • Cryptic DJ
    Cryptic DJ

    Wait how does he know how my opinion taste like, OH NO

  • Punctilious Gamer
    Punctilious Gamer

    And then the Dev's patch it out. :(

  • Basement Dweller
    Basement Dweller

    Your camera is shaky.

  • Smexbi

    I did this in Mario Kart Wii. In that game you start with 5000 points & 9999 is the max. If you had 9000+ points & get second place to someone with 5000 or less points, you'd lose several hundret points. I just didnt know there was a term for that.

  • Kid James
    Kid James

    4:32 Cute

  • Remy Duong
    Remy Duong

    Every comedy / action series in a nutshell be like

  • Warren

    Name: Unknown Age: Unknown Species: Unknown Origin: Unknown

  • YuTEM

    Lmao switch on captions on the start of the video

  • Launps

    that baby is a bot my liyle brother has a time oh -6 mounths

  • Hibiscous Dragon
    Hibiscous Dragon

    The "watermelon trick" sounds like Breath of the Wild Any% speedruns

  • A Monke
    A Monke

    What i learned today is that circle toons just always wanted to make his own anime

  • Exploit Reporting
    Exploit Reporting

    I don't like your opinion on the top right of the tier list.

  • Foxhead L
    Foxhead L

    ahh, 76 hell...

  • Ruv and sarv
    Ruv and sarv


  • Danielle O'Bryant
    Danielle O'Bryant


  • David Evans
    David Evans

    Literally FMAB is like my top 3 favorite anime and I gasp when I saw him pull that out lol and he says S+ .....much respect

  • Adrian N Ramos
    Adrian N Ramos

    I love the game and I do the final boss for fun

  • MegaSonic Kirby64
    MegaSonic Kirby64


  • Levi Millard
    Levi Millard

    The song should’ve been ballistic

  • Soldat Daniels
    Soldat Daniels

    I was looking forward to seeing the kid in an actual tank but oh well. Also that smile at the end!

  • an SCP guard
    an SCP guard

    I didn't even get the fuckin chance to get one

  • Ratgangleader

    He’s holdin Scorpion Evo from bo2

  • MegaSuperGamingKid YT
    MegaSuperGamingKid YT

    Person: Practice bro Hacker: We don't do that around here

  • Tazerface

    you coulda tamed him

  • The Boi
    The Boi

    I can't help but think this is true

  • Sombrero Flower
    Sombrero Flower

    More like 36E

  • Peter Gorsky
    Peter Gorsky


  • Music Frog
    Music Frog

    Big brain 🧠

  • Shitpostin McGee
    Shitpostin McGee

    how is cat food not in the cat food teir?

  • Elyca Mananghaya
    Elyca Mananghaya

    Top 10 saddest anime deaths

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    1:57 SPOT ON

  • pepino226

    when a game is so good that it uses kurzgesagt music

  • Jaybird11

    Seriously, how tf he get dat pic doe...

  • Me Leafy
    Me Leafy

    Mario galaxy still had one of the best soundtracks

  • Javier Morales Aguayo
    Javier Morales Aguayo

    *2 0 2 1 . 6 6 6* : haha caos go BRRRR

  • Joebert Medil
    Joebert Medil

    Old videos

  • Ultimate hydra Beast
    Ultimate hydra Beast

    I’m lazy and I don’t care about side quests the only thing I care about are the main quests and all the things you can discover. If the side quests give me a great reward then I will actually try the other side quests yes I can D I E

  • LordEnder_Kitty

    What the hell😂

  • Necromancer103


  • Maskfart

    I wonder why your opinion is only s tier... well it's your opinion... lol

  • Parker Smith
    Parker Smith

    This is a much better version than what Disney could do

  • Dongman AMV
    Dongman AMV

    I found a game called suspects its just a copy of among us but its way better it have build in voice chat its all what we wanted from among us

  • Meapster

    I must say, you sound different than you look, but it’s a good look

  • Nubhacker It
    Nubhacker It


  • Dapper animation
    Dapper animation

    Hello circle if you need video ideas or if you take recommendations then I have I game that i think would fit for these types of videos,the game is called bio shock and if you played it then I think it would be a great game to talk about in this video format, but that’s only if you want to.Also have a grate day :).

  • The Goofy Gouf
    The Goofy Gouf

    tbh I’m glad I don’t understand

  • Gamerkid11

    hes been playing this game for 10 years and he has 27 skillpoints???

  • Zymir McDowell
    Zymir McDowell

    Me when I got to world 3 IRL SMH

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young

    Please tell me the name of the outro music

  • ilias busch
    ilias busch

    men ur videos hahaah xD

  • Very Dope
    Very Dope

    It's the same with terraria people might say it's 2d Minecraft without giving it a chance. No matter what there is nothing like getting into hard mode. (Up until wall of flesh it easy) the feeling of progression is just. (Think noice guy) and the overarching presence of nowing that at all times you can die in the game. Slimes in normal mode.while you use a copper short sword boom your probably dead. But then craft a wooden sword. "Haha now I can kill slimes easily now I can handle anything" you think while going into the desert and getting destroyed by ten enemy's coming around the corner.

  • * Pineapples *
    * Pineapples *

    Do you still play it cause I wanna friend you

  • Shepherd Grimes
    Shepherd Grimes

    Ds1 anor londo archers moment.

  • Firedemongames

    if dream replies saying this is what he did but he was dissapointed that he didnt die

  • mada mada
    mada mada

    have you heard of company of champions my good sir

  • Goldgod

    Pubg is free on mobile

  • ShrimpSimp

    He actually sounds like Dream tho

  • Phazer

    hey uh its 2021 where is my foam block video game

  • Phazer

    "or use it on the go!" am i the only one who thought of the toilet?

  • RainbowRanger

    L is for take the L Logan!

  • wttuRBLX

    Roblox be like:

  • Magolor Official
    Magolor Official

    CircleToonsHD: You're just the lame DLC DLC: Banjo, Steve, Sephiroth

  • Nutball 1999
    Nutball 1999

    Smurfs: Pro Player in Noob’s clothing

  • Ali The Game Gamer
    Ali The Game Gamer

    Disbelief Papyrus in a nutshell Literally 4 phases, no checkpoints, and even if there will be part 2 for this where there will be much more phases, Disbelief Infinite Phases exists in the internet. :)