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  • Yellow Toad
    Yellow Toad

    Best video ever.

  • Maxwell Smith
    Maxwell Smith

    I'd play that game

  • The Dear Leader
    The Dear Leader

    Goodbye Jeff .

  • hinata kyouki bitch
    hinata kyouki bitch

    And thats how dream was born or every speedrunner

  • Sam Brennan
    Sam Brennan

    Red dead 2 the last of us and uncharted all had this vibe after I finished them

  • Christian Boustani
    Christian Boustani

    This is honestly the only reason I've never played a monster hunter game. I can't bring myself to walk into a creature's home just to trap and kill it. Like... Am I the villain?

  • blitch the demon
    blitch the demon

    This is basically doom and doom eternal music

  • SiTheGamer

    This man is where I get the games I play

  • Luke Wesley
    Luke Wesley

    And thus a legendary meme was born

  • EnderMatter

    Trials of Osiris is a mistake

  • Questionable Consequences
    Questionable Consequences

    Jeff can no longer do this, he can no longer over buff and over nerf

  • Nuke

    Those were the good old days

  • Gabriel The Magolor Main
    Gabriel The Magolor Main

    He can create an entire movie with just MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker

  • Blue

    Basically Hollow Knight vs. Newest Cod

  • Cipena

    Basically echo

  • MrAnimater

    And they still keep coming with awesome updates

  • Tragic Unseen
    Tragic Unseen

    Games are one of the only things where a physical copy is better than digital

  • Art R00kie
    Art R00kie

    CircleToons really just had the funny idea of a skateboarding skeleton and needed a video as an excuse to post it, huh?

  • DJ Masterbuilder
    DJ Masterbuilder

    LOL!🤣 ow. 😥

  • Isaac,s tv
    Isaac,s tv

    Wait a minute isn’t 2020 already in a nutshell

  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller

    Plot twist it wasn't a game

  • Arnavpreet Sandhu
    Arnavpreet Sandhu

    Apex is a bloody legend game. As a fortnite gamer, Fortnite has so many F*ckin glitches and is the most nerdiest and toxic game ever. It has hit box problems like I shoot someone in the head with a blue pump and they should take 160dmg but take 0 damage. They also have the most broken guns and probably damage problems as well. It is even more broken because of the *F*CKIN* Sweats in every server. Building Effil towers, and editing as if their fingers were lightning bolts in ever bloody server they join. I'm glad Apex is a thing. It never gets boring. Except for that one character.

  • Pixelweezy

    C h e e s e

  • Philip Clostio
    Philip Clostio

    Not anymore

  • Lengaming0

    Ranment of the ashes does that for me

  • Bran Ripley
    Bran Ripley


  • C.J. Skulls
    C.J. Skulls


  • Luke C.
    Luke C.

    Dual wield

  • My Cat
    My Cat

    Well you can complete it again and try to max the new file

  • The Blazing Blaziken
    The Blazing Blaziken

    Now Jeff is gone...

  • Damien Colletti
    Damien Colletti


  • Brother Kiev
    Brother Kiev

    The green screen is only bad because he has green hair extensions

  • MrAnimater

    Only up side to 2020 for me was picking up my old drawing hobby and now I want to make something with it start with comics and one day start animating

  • ipotatoe

    He never learned why his poop was a little red. I bet he's still concerned about it :(

  • SwamCreeper

    I’m surprised this is not demonetized lol sorry if I get u demonetized

  • MrAnimater

    Luckily playstation has the share button that saves the last 15 Minutes - an hour of gameplay (depending on settings)

  • Koda Machine
    Koda Machine

    O. N. E. S. E. C. O. N. D. ! ?

  • Cj Plays
    Cj Plays

    before deku got one for all his quirk was note book Skills: Summons note book. Deals 2% damage, +20 knowledge

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard

    why is Banana Boy an M rated game

  • Jessie Garcia the bule And yellow swordsman
    Jessie Garcia the bule And yellow swordsman

    2:12 konosuba is an c teir in my opinion

  • the true Snom Vish
    the true Snom Vish

    I thought I was gonna hear fnf when the rap battle started, it’s among us all over again

  • Toasted Macaron
    Toasted Macaron

    *DnD flashbacks*

  • Menope 7170
    Menope 7170

    thanks for predicting cyberpunk 2077 mr



  • AshCash789

    Gotta love the discord notification at 0:42

  • AleP Show
    AleP Show

    This video is outdated. Goodbye, Jeff </3

  • Soulshocks

    Anyone else think of Beep when you see this animation?

  • MrAnimater

    That's literally Kingdom hearts 2 Except instead of collectibles it's extremely hard challenges One of them is one of the hardest bosses in a game I've ever faced that can get so crazy I've seen gameplay of someone dying in 1 hit literally a second before the screens hud appeared And all you get is a hat And depending on which order you do the challenges in it will be either a bronze, silver, or gold hat if it was your last challenge

  • Toromomo

    It just got recommended to me no way, jeff is gone 😞

  • headless Artist
    headless Artist

    Ah!, just like my entire life ;-;

  • MrAnimater

    Every new ability needs to be tested, that wolf just happened to win the not so lucky lottery

  • - Xakez -
    - Xakez -

    Stone jones: I’m just living my life with my kids! You: N O

  • statly eel
    statly eel

    I'd like destiny until now when i technically dont own it anymore even though i bought it

  • I'm Everywhere
    I'm Everywhere

    before overwatch came tf2 *a masterpiece*

  • Mooshrooom

    So basically the poison effect in Minecraft

  • Small Amphibian
    Small Amphibian

    castle crashers be like:

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    how does he know what his opinion tastes like?

  • The Fbi
    The Fbi

    Tf this is circle

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    circle: tuna sandwich TASTES LIKE CAT FOOD also circle: oh cat food is an s tier that is a GOOD midnight snack

  • Msq Msq
    Msq Msq

    It's so convenient how this is recommended minutes after the announcement of jeff kaplan retirement 😂😂😂😂

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    World record

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    0:57 what kind of disease is this

  • The Fbi
    The Fbi

    Borgulon used to be a little squid demon, but circle *borgulon* knew he had an evolution line that's op.

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh



    But wouldn’t you get more money if you made an actual GOOD game because people will spread the word about how good the game is and other people will play it?

  • Mr Groudon
    Mr Groudon

    WAIT DON'T CRUSH ME! IT HAS A DESCRIPTION! Circle Guy: Fine. *Skips through description* USELESS! Aaaaaaaaaa! *Dead*

  • Othonn Menezes
    Othonn Menezes

    thats me just making chrono a walking lightning nuke on chrono trigger

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    did he not understand the word ANY in that guys sentence?

  • spedkid2020 _
    spedkid2020 _

    Normal Americans would have an ar-15 strapped on there back

  • 林柏喬LAM PAK QIU
    林柏喬LAM PAK QIU

    This became from CircleToons to BlockToons

  • Benjamin Truong
    Benjamin Truong

    0:35 you forgot to say no homo

  • Christopher Graney-Ward
    Christopher Graney-Ward

    Captions: "{top 10 anime deaths}"

  • Very Good
    Very Good

    Yeah this would be true, unless your a tf2 fan see bot owners don’t hack because they want to win, they hack cause they want people to get mad, they thinks it’s funny, or they want to Kill the game

  • Donna Rowe
    Donna Rowe

    Me when sally fave ended

  • Otávio Orange Potato
    Otávio Orange Potato

    But, in these, days fortinite get worst

  • Codi Serville
    Codi Serville

    5:02 Screw that freaking thing

  • Damien Colletti
    Damien Colletti

    This needs to be a game

  • Kingjp1

    What is *sick* is the animation

  • Green Gaming
    Green Gaming

    Classic drunk masters