Waterfalls in RPGs
Oh powerful waterfall, what secrets do you have for me this time?
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    • Rafael Santos
      Rafael Santos

      am pro

    • Tuber Clips
      Tuber Clips

      Adventure, Hazahh. 🙁

    • dash's Trashbag
      dash's Trashbag

      @Xavier Jaso yes

    • Xavier Jaso
      Xavier Jaso

      Just make an rpg already youve preety much desighned the whole thing already

    • Why Tho
      Why Tho

      Oh yea? Ill do you one better, Ill -#########- your -#######- until I -#######- then we'll -########- in the back and -######- our -######- 's

  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox

    PLEASE make a rpg game We need your world

  • chayes

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • Sodapop Cowboy
    Sodapop Cowboy

    Rest In peace Mushroom Philbert.

  • A Ghost on Social Media
    A Ghost on Social Media

    There was a missed opportunity with the mushroom juice

  • Ryan Tracy
    Ryan Tracy

    You ARE handsome.

  • Trevor Stone
    Trevor Stone

    I snorted at “mushroommmm...filbert”

  • The Honkler formerly known as WSF
    The Honkler formerly known as WSF

    Poor Philbert :'( ...

  • Gavin

    What is the censor for any ways

  • S4b3rr

    Wow that got spicy real quick

  • Xavier Jaso
    Xavier Jaso

    These are really cool ideas for a game

  • Lyric The Great
    Lyric The Great

    Let's take a moment to realize: 1: His haircut looks, um, great. 2: That escalated a BIT quick. I mean, it went from kinda disturbing to cute to mildly disturbing and ay dios mio que estas haciendo are you making out with a statue my child-

  • Blue

    When you get rid of that yee yee ass haircut

  • Kopì

    That statue kinda hot tho

  • Kryptnyt

    Oh no, that was his mother

  • CocaCola4blood

    I will never be the same again. So when does the love triangle begin?

  • Arthur Henrique
    Arthur Henrique

    I loved it, you managed to nail it twice in a 59 seconds video

  • Little Baby Martin
    Little Baby Martin

    0:04 im like a blood hound but im sniffing kokain



  • Tory

    making out is exp waste.

  • Tameless

    I love that in every video he makes I can see every pixel

  • Shelby ramin
    Shelby ramin

    I expected the letter to say "dont drink the mushroom juice"

  • FoxX

    “And that’s how I met your mother.”

  • Bill cipher
    Bill cipher

    The greatest treasure is you

  • Kolikoasdpvp

    Anyone knows any good rpg?


    Thats a circle boy color

  • Gabriel Feels
    Gabriel Feels

    Hey bruv

  • Kai Nightingale
    Kai Nightingale

    The ending is the best

  • GrindTillDeath JayyMoneyy
    GrindTillDeath JayyMoneyy

    Damn bro all my boi wanted to do was play some Aladdin Rip Juicy Mushroom

  • Corusame Occasum
    Corusame Occasum

    Mushroom Philbert leaves behind a wife, two little fungi and a classic Gameboy colour games collection 😔

  • Trelior

    >Looks behind waterfall in a clearly late-game area >Treasure chest >You found [basic long sword] Great! What's the point of that? I'm gonna look it up. "GaemFecks Guyd tew Da lejund of Joobie Dis threzur is a soopr pwrfl sord if u opin wif Jemble en ur purtee." Let's ignore that the author of that guide is beyond illiterate and think for a second. Hang on, didn't Jemble die in the last cutscene? When did I last save? >Autosave: now >Last hard save: three hours ago, immediately before an obnoxious boss fight you will likely never play this game ever again over No thanks! Don't need it! NOPE!

  • Ember Reed
    Ember Reed

    Someone's been playing God of War

  • MissingNo876 Uknown
    MissingNo876 Uknown

    The greatest treasure sharing cells

  • MrKaws

    Mushroom juice? Umm...

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    0:48 SPEEDRUUUN !

  • Kathleen Blazis
    Kathleen Blazis


  • diu scherz
    diu scherz


  • kian knight
    kian knight

    Ur nearly at 2mill

  • Oof Off
    Oof Off

    Part two is on the hub

  • joao victor
    joao victor

    That actually happend in one of my D&D campaings...

  • Zair Vigil
    Zair Vigil

    u r handsome nahh

  • Zair Vigil
    Zair Vigil


  • Jonathan Moura
    Jonathan Moura


  • ً

    Fun fact: everytime you are in a game and you go to a waterfall, you become a target of a lesbian fish lady.

  • NoobGamingCentral

    *Hides treasure behind waterfall* Too predictive *no thing behind waterfall* How lame Gamers Amirite

  • Go0gtplays

    0:58 hum ah um

    • Go0gtplays


    • Go0gtplays


  • Go0gtplays

    2 months ago I watch u

  • PhoenixB100

    Soooooo can we ship this??????????

  • jonnyboy 1997
    jonnyboy 1997

    They always censor the best part

  • dusk jazzy
    dusk jazzy

    That mushroom's greeting vibe is me.

  • Gold13


  • Chi Pa Pa
    Chi Pa Pa

    That was not consensual :X

  • Echo Huckaby
    Echo Huckaby

    Really you make that guy kiss the HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! thing......... shut up

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison

    Maybe the real *treasure* were the friends we made along the way ❤

  • Pokemon Online Gameplays
    Pokemon Online Gameplays

    Everyone deserves to live *Except Mushroom Philbert*

  • Oreki -san
    Oreki -san

    there always be a cave at the back of the waterfalls

  • The Meerkat
    The Meerkat

    totally worth it.

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time

    Playing a gameboy in a video game

  • Super Sophisticated
    Super Sophisticated

    Wat did this even have to do with the waterfall

  • Phillip Brown
    Phillip Brown

    It's always worth it if the treasure is a compliment.

  • Moeimeal Drafish
    Moeimeal Drafish

    +60 charisma

  • Louys

    0:45 my inner self knows that sound... And it tells me it's very old.. I can almost remember it.. Nah.

  • OmegaWaver

    I heard that dark souls sound

    • OmegaWaver

      @Louys ye

    • Louys

      Oh I knew I knew it. Is i ds?

  • R.J. Wente
    R.J. Wente

    he just made out with that _busty_ statue ok, i-il stands in that corner I'm sorry...

  • Corbster Borris
    Corbster Borris

    Why did he block out the end but not when he started drinking the slime playing Aladdin on it’s game boy colour premium

  • Jinnans

    Nooooooo mushroom Filbert :(

  • Mohammed Musa
    Mohammed Musa


  • Mc.soggy_ nugget
    Mc.soggy_ nugget

    The ending a little NSFW @ISnets were you at on this one



  • Tristia Davis
    Tristia Davis

    I didn't know he was gonna happenI didn't know if I was gonna happen at the end

  • Lovely Pixel Arts
    Lovely Pixel Arts

    0:36 Undertale be like: Here you have, a skirt

  • Cumunist

    that is not at all where i expected this to go

  • xFlow777

    this went from funny to disgusting real quick

  • Truee Monster
    Truee Monster

    lol the ending was how RPGs should go

  • Kuba Play
    Kuba Play

    What rpg's do you recommend? bc i can' t find any good rpg

  • I


  • Maksim Miletic
    Maksim Miletic

    What RPG do you play cus I can’t find any good ones

  • Mike E
    Mike E

    Circle toon out of content:

  • itshortyboy

    Good ending

  • Ren. _
    Ren. _

    girl react this video : ʘ‿ʘ

  • scott

    Idk what it is but I really like mushroom men in games Hollow knight Dark souls D&D Feels very mystical

  • Evan mitchell
    Evan mitchell

    You made out with a statue

  • Dish McG
    Dish McG

    What rpgs are these based on I would love to play em

  • Logan Orcutt
    Logan Orcutt

    Sorry man, sometimes the horny just takes over. You know? One complement and it’s straight to sax

  • AltShade

    wait a sec. This was released on my birthday

  • Kman Godz
    Kman Godz

    The end tho

  • fwagwo Flimzy
    fwagwo Flimzy

    "mushroom philbert"

  • Ben Vollmer
    Ben Vollmer

    You forgot the games that make you jump on rocks to get across the waterfall on a high cliff and if u fall in u get pushed off and instantly die

  • Random stuff
    Random stuff

    New achievement unlocked the stone kisser

  • The Brucintor
    The Brucintor

    I know it so frustrating whenever you kill a boss and guts get splattered all over your armor not only does it cost like 500 g but it stinks for the next two months

  • Lost

    There is never anything behind thr waterfalls in Genshin but dammit I will check everytime

  • VeryTalented Channel Name
    VeryTalented Channel Name

    Plot twist, he died shortly after eating/sucking the mushroom so he died and thought all of this was real.

  • Walter

    "Suit yourself, I'm easy." - eyegor and not Igor.

  • Cyber Jackal
    Cyber Jackal

    I checked behind every single waterfall in Skyrim... Until I finally found one.

  • Bitty Witty
    Bitty Witty

    Wowo what did I just watch

  • De V
    De V

    Nooooo mushroom Philberts

  • Mike Honda
    Mike Honda

    That escalated quickly

  • Joni Enroth
    Joni Enroth

    So baaad

  • Joni Enroth
    Joni Enroth

    So baaf

  • Austin Bubnis
    Austin Bubnis

    the ending so funny