When You Roll a 1 in D&D
Ah D&D... truly a game of endless possibilities that never materialize.
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  • CircleToonsHD


    • Logan Klenske
      Logan Klenske

      when, after rolling 3 nat 20's in a row I rolled another 2 on an attack roll with disadvantage

    • Sidney Ayers Young
      Sidney Ayers Young

      Hi. 500 or 499 comment

    • dog walter
      dog walter

      Spent an hour playing with a dead rat

    • Jacob

      Recently, in our Dungeon of the Mad Mage campaign, my guild stumbled into a particular trap on level 13 called the Shocker Stomper. (Basically a mega tank thing that just destroys you if you even look at it.) Somehow, we managed to tip it on its side, and my character used his longbow to break through the outer shell and incapacitate the driver. We later learned from the DM that if I had failed - if I had done even 1 less point of damage - he wouldn't have broken through, and the Shocker Stomper would've reacted by blowing us to kingdom come. The entire party would have been instantly and utterly *obliterated,* and we were all level 12 or higher too! It was literally the most important roll I've ever made.

    • Dark salamander
      Dark salamander

      Anytime we play sorry and someone says s o r r y

  • FuzzMustard

    bruh make that mug id buy one

  • C&J -mx-wheelies-gaming
    C&J -mx-wheelies-gaming

    What's d&d

  • agent I.L.N
    agent I.L.N

    im ok with this outcome

  • Luke Dufresne
    Luke Dufresne

    This is why you navigate your own stuff so whenever you roll with that one you can convince the DM to let you narrate it into a positive “I want to intimidate the guard.” Rolls one “you tell him he has a nice ass” failing the intimidation but making him so uncomfortable he leaves. Task failed successfully

  • Pop tart Gamer
    Pop tart Gamer

    Nice coffee mug

  • Elian Ram
    Elian Ram

    You forgot to add his charisma modifier to his roll since he's a warlock.

  • Mad wolf 74
    Mad wolf 74


  • Onyx Doesn't Exist
    Onyx Doesn't Exist

    As a D&D player myself, I felt that warlock's fear on a spiritual level.

  • great storyteller
    great storyteller

    Play divination wizard halfling with 2 levels in tempest cleric. Get some sorcerer feat with changing the damage type and boom, your now the most hated player in the DM book of hated people.

  • Epic Guardian
    Epic Guardian

    Day -28 of asking Circle to play devil May Cry series

  • Gary Hughes the Anarchist
    Gary Hughes the Anarchist

    Rolled 3 nat 20's on a +7 to dex rogue and I had disadvantage on all dex based rolls andf I rolled nat 1's for the 3 nat 20's

  • Good Rap Music
    Good Rap Music

    Anyone notice the caption on the dad's mug?

  • Oldmcdoggo

    that wizard do be fkexing with a flame golf wang hat

  • Mr Quack
    Mr Quack

    Good thing my dad left when I was young Oh wait..

  • George Skinner
    George Skinner

    DND pog

  • Pizofsoda

    I feel you

  • TheAdvertisement

    He got carried away and got punished in the worst way.

  • Jed & Jen
    Jed & Jen

    you have a 99.0000000000000000009% chance to roll a nat 1

  • Sus Animations
    Sus Animations

    0:22 i like how you put kings of thiefs music in there

  • Wuft Chan
    Wuft Chan

    are ya winnin' son?

  • Junior Zablosky
    Junior Zablosky

    I once rolled for persuasion and got a 2, the DM said I slammed my fist on the table and screeched in rage. We laughed for a solid five minutes.

  • Shiny Sam87
    Shiny Sam87

    0:24 King of thieves sound effect

  • starkadex


  • AnimeHeroDiamond


  • Octopus

    Come on now, ever good campaign needs a sexy goblin scene

  • Ygf Hgf
    Ygf Hgf

    This is true pain

  • exo

    i remember once i was playing dnd, and i rolled 1s and 2d 4 TIMES IN A ROW to try and dodge a flask flood, safe to say i didn't last long

  • Stevan Vaughn
    Stevan Vaughn

    Best I've done... Converted two trolls to the (homebrew) god of food in pathfinder... Best minions ever.

  • Holy Heretic
    Holy Heretic

    The Old One must have been Slaanesh

  • Spiderdudel Yt
    Spiderdudel Yt

    One time a made my mom bankrupt in monopoly EZ

  • ChangelTv

    Man!...i love this chanel!!😄

  • Gore Obsessed
    Gore Obsessed

    2 hour session kinda short

  • do asd
    do asd

    This happened to me I used a zombie to attack I got 1 and the zombie threw a rock but broke his back and dropped the bolder on his feet

  • Dem

    if you had to dice: How did I even land on a 0

  • Jazzaid

    So my first ever session 0 our bard, who was also playing the game for her first time, decided to challenge our party's Goblin Monk to fight me (a Goliath Palidin) to a brawl and I ended up slamming him so hard into the ground it not only knocked him out but it broke the concrete and once our Tiefling Sorcerer healed the goblin we ended up having to run from the guards

  • Caden Huffines
    Caden Huffines

    I actually did this once roll a 1 I mean and I had some of the best things going for me then rolled a one and a dragon hit the one spot in my arm our that killed me. SMH

  • LocoSword39

    When you roll a 2: Eh, you did some damage, you still have that 125HP the healer gave you though! When you roll a 1: You died. You permanently died. You become resurrected as an enemy for the rest of the game. Get out of my house you can’t play anymore.

  • Mr fish
    Mr fish

    Dos Any buddy else remember this SFX 0:22 cus I do

  • Battan 3
    Battan 3

    I wanna know what funky song that was. ^^

  • Allastor

    Funny story about my first dnd game, On the second session (each session was one hour) the dm took me and my party into a laboratory with potions and liquids in vials and beakers and before he finished describing the room I said “I drink *all* of the potions” and he said “ok so you drink 2 hea-wait did you say all if them?” “Yes” “okay so the first two were health potions but since you are at full health they don’t do anything, and the rest are toxins” I failed all my death saves and died, only to be reincarnated as a cat and neutered

  • Lord Hamster
    Lord Hamster

    So basically what i do every 5th throw. But with bit more hilarious outcomes.

  • AmongUsCharles

    “9 and 11” 9-11-

  • Sofia-May Telling
    Sofia-May Telling


  • Alebrije 2001
    Alebrije 2001

    This froze right and in the kiss scene

  • Super Adrenaline Gaming
    Super Adrenaline Gaming

    Not how I expected this was gonna go...

  • DarkBooman YT
    DarkBooman YT

    =confidently smiles= = dad comes in= Dad: son?. Son: DAD I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME AT 9PM TO 11PM

  • Decky Brady
    Decky Brady

    I was supposed to knock someone out and steal their stuff but instead rolled a 20 and killed him by accident and the whole village chased us for basically the entire game just so they could kill me

  • kadj5847

    I was a lvl 20 wizard and I turned into a beholder and tried to pretend to be evil but I rolled a 1then the lich said “I’ve seen toast more evil than you” and preceded to cut my tongue off. Good times

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King

    Thought he instead of being handed the power, would of had one of these happen: 1. Gets given power all at once and explodes. 2. Dark one possesses him Or 3. Gets teleported to the dark ones dimension.

  • Jesse Nicoletta
    Jesse Nicoletta

    a normal DM: "You rolled a 1, so you are overcome by the power of the great old one and take 20 health points of damage" every DM I've played with: 0:24

  • Carlos Laorden
    Carlos Laorden

    I was playing DND for the first time with some friends and we somehow ended up converting wild boars to Christianity and teaching them Spanish

  • josh fritz
    josh fritz

    Recently I was rolling stats for a character in another RPG. There are 8 stats, and my rolls were as follows (12 sided die): 1, 4, 1, 1, 2, 3, 8, 11.

  • Random Game with Logan
    Random Game with Logan


  • chayes

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • James Rawlinson
    James Rawlinson


  • Gabe’s epic Adventure’s
    Gabe’s epic Adventure’s

    Goblins a bit sus( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • demoknight tf2
    demoknight tf2

    You slip and accidentally send a ICBM towards Canada.

  • Keaton Mane
    Keaton Mane

    Heh, good thing I have the lucky perk so I can roll again if I hit a natural 1 Wait shit I rolled a 1 again

  • Mr Psyco
    Mr Psyco

    You fail but fail spectacularly.

  • Puffin Pie Inc.
    Puffin Pie Inc.

    I play D&D and can confirm, this is accurate

  • Matthijs Polspoel
    Matthijs Polspoel


  • The blue fox overlord
    The blue fox overlord

    never played d and d

  • k I
    k I


  • Icefox Studios
    Icefox Studios


  • Bucket of nails
    Bucket of nails

    Me and my friends had a dnd campaign and I was infamous for rolling 1-5s when using ranged weapons and injuring/killing allies

  • CyberWarlok

    Wait you only play dnd for 2 hours? Pathetic

  • Mighty_Matt

    Wasn't DnD, forgot what it was tbh but I was rolling to teleport the party somewhere I needed to roll 3 D6. All. Rolled. A one. DM was nice and didn't kill us thankfully but we almost got run over by some cars.

  • ZackTheTrash

    My first time playing Dnd, a Hobgoblin was across a spike pit from me. He used an attack that pulled me into the pit. I lost all of my HP, and rolled 2 critical failures on my death saves. I haven't played since.

  • wet toast
    wet toast

    i remember me a yuan-ti bloodhunter chasing my elf party member through a city during a parade in a heroes honor trying [and succeeding] to forcefeed him popcorn

  • Distory With Andrew
    Distory With Andrew


  • Kalil Banks // Rocky
    Kalil Banks // Rocky

    0:22 I recognize that

  • Skylar Knicely
    Skylar Knicely

    What Is the difference between DnD and D&D

  • Bean Face
    Bean Face

    The one time I played D&D (wish I could do it again) my friend who was a dwarf got punched in the face for failing a charisma roll by a farmer who rolled a natural 20 and had one hit point left, after that my moron character who had a high charisma was the only person who said anything. Also my friend who was a good cleric almost burnt down their farm with barrels of whiskey trying to put out the fire that was already there. Good times.

  • jimbob joejack
    jimbob joejack

    Wild mage... Killed the entire party with Evard's Black Tentacles ... I was trying to cast Light .... botched

  • Wolf Fang
    Wolf Fang

    A thief fails there roll so bad that they end up becoming a prostitute to Tobaxi shopkeeper

  • O Face
    O Face

    the hell is D&D

  • WhoTookMyCheese

    I can’t reply to the comment of best tabletop moment but I love dnd and barely get to play it because my friend is always busy so anyway my character is a halfling and my friend is a half orc so he spun me around with my sword stretched out so I was like a beyblade

  • Glorious Potato
    Glorious Potato

    What is that song bro?

  • Zachary Herr
    Zachary Herr

    Halflings in a corner laughing.

  • Marije Hammel
    Marije Hammel

    Ya know, the best thing we ever managed to pull off was being a lvl 3 party blowing up a mammoth with barrels of whale oil, blasting apart an ice structure in the process, piercing the poor thing with ice shrapnel, then luring it out and just killing it in two turns. If any of us rolled low ANYWHERE in that we would've been toast.

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    “Between 9 and 11 PM” Dude I would hate having only 2 hour sessions

  • J Trent
    J Trent

    Best D&D Moment: My players nearly killing Arkhan the Cruel in the Middle of am invasion of Waterdeep, while forcing back the Armies of the Cult of the Dragon

  • C4HO0T5

    I threw out dice 3 time and got 1's all in a row. Thank God I wasn't rolling for anything in the game.

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      This is why WFRP is superior, rolling a nat 1 is the best possible roll!

  • PlainSailingWeather

    Bruh wtf this dude has 2m subs now? I remembering being on his Facebook page when he was like 30k or something and I was wondering today where he disappeared to, this shit wild

  • VenraUwU


  • Little Face
    Little Face

    Everybody Gangsta Till You Remenber You Used All Your Stats In Atack And You Roll a 1

  • Zoro Sola
    Zoro Sola

    Quem veio pelo dippertale

  • Joaquin The animator show
    Joaquin The animator show

    That coffee mug is hilarious 0:33

  • Blaze_Dragon

    circle l have l question can you rewuie a free game called trove its a really fun and adventures game and l really recomend you play it (:

  • Baran

    0:24 The hell is that face lmfao

  • NecronLordship

    My dad has that same mug

  • I don't know
    I don't know

    The mug that the dad has is just hilarious

  • Iven Kohn
    Iven Kohn

    Best moment? Definitely when I crit as my Paladin, fighting a chimera, used my smite and disabled its breath attack in my first round. That was nice.

  • HighFire Bois
    HighFire Bois


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    u ko maung

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  • Ciaranplayz

    Stranger thing's lol

  • YaBoi

    Imagine doing something for the majority of your life, perfecting its ways to roll a nat 1 at the easiest task of it, failing miserably...

  • Grapegifter

    This is why WFRP is superior, rolling a nat 1 is the best possible roll!

  • Matt Whaley
    Matt Whaley

    This is why Fireball is always a safe bet