Demon's Souls in a Nutshell
OH I know what they call it Demon's Souls, it's because my entire soul leaves my body whenever I see a new enemy running towards me, got it!
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  • CircleToonsHD

    Oh yeah? You like this gamer video, gamer? FUCK YEAH. Anyway, tomorrow I'm doing another Pokemon card stream at 1PM EST! We do a lot of fun stuff so I hope you can stop by!

    • RblxFidEyes

      Goo Boi is Cute

    • Michael Riley
      Michael Riley

      please reply to this circle toons what is the app called that yiu move the emojis

    • roroman dr
      roroman dr

      HK video when

    • man


    • Angel Gamer
      Angel Gamer

      Hey which game do you likr mote now pubguahh or fortnite?

  • Reema ma
    Reema ma

    Welp he is immortal

  • N1ceyp0p S
    N1ceyp0p S

    Elmo as a slime

  • Kai Merry
    Kai Merry

    forgot your widow's lotus, didn't you?

  • KK

    I’m afraid to platinum this game...

  • ashland plays
    ashland plays

    0:10 on the caps it says a little purple

  • KangarooCommado

    So it’s just doom but medieval

  • Fhjb 101
    Fhjb 101

    Why did he sound like vegeta

  • Ultraguy

    There goes half your health bar

  • Bettysue Bouamrane
    Bettysue Bouamrane

    It's elmo

  • Web Puppy
    Web Puppy

    phalanx got me haha

  • Rebekah Galloway
    Rebekah Galloway

    Wait- The slime’s voice is Elmo.....

  • Denzelaintkiddin

    I was expecting moon lord or a final boss

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein

    Get your I can't believe he didn't notice ha got poi won damage ticket here.

  • Teddies Epic adventures
    Teddies Epic adventures

    In the dork souls series the rat is overpowered

  • The Oasis Beast
    The Oasis Beast

    He sounds like Elmo

  • Lucas Videla
    Lucas Videla

    is that.... marshall

  • Marvel Geek
    Marvel Geek

    Oh! I see ya met Karl...

  • Dat Boi Dev
    Dat Boi Dev

    Poor carl

  • Sweetie _Pie
    Sweetie _Pie

    He’s a slimy little slime

  • Vince Harmon
    Vince Harmon

    Darks souls You become op You can one kill bosses You are speed You don't even need a sword But you died from fighting a evil rock

  • Alem TMGamerTM
    Alem TMGamerTM

    Now we only need dark souls in a nutshell

  • Gabriel White
    Gabriel White

    He's lucky the rats got him before the invaders did. The haunting presence of the infinite stunlock headbutt lingers within the servers.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    Just kinda sad to see that Just Some Guy Without a Mustache isn’t here this time

  • Shilo Lamb
    Shilo Lamb

    dude the slime sounds like elmo

  • Bandeater

    I like the song that goes *bing*

  • Joaquin Martinez
    Joaquin Martinez


  • Alexander Hanna
    Alexander Hanna

    Guys! It would be great if you make a shadow fight 2, 3 and arena in a nutshell! I hope this will be the next nutshell!

  • delmyhernandez

    Aw the slime with his shield was so cute lmao. And his voice

  • Joy Hagen
    Joy Hagen

    I see you have meant karl

  • Денис Ізмалков
    Денис Ізмалков

    Wait till he founds about level draining mechanic

  • Antisocial Idiot
    Antisocial Idiot

    the voice of the century award goes to the slime

  • Miłosz C.
    Miłosz C.

    That little slime was kinda adorable, tbh.

  • Jeremy Salvie Gurtones
    Jeremy Salvie Gurtones

    did elmo go to hell and get liquified or something?

  • Smyth legrand
    Smyth legrand

    Not meatwad😂

  • TheAdvertisement

    No matter what, you're always mortal.

  • Cristian Salas
    Cristian Salas

    Yo I’m a gamer so I get it

  • Just Kezy Drawing
    Just Kezy Drawing

    Feel bad for the first slime

  • nice kicks
    nice kicks

    Meatwad is the first boss.

  • Hell Tip
    Hell Tip

    Hey can I give you a little chomp (in scout) Oh you think a little rat is going to kill me Y E S

  • Winter Assassin‘s
    Winter Assassin‘s

    The red slime sounds like Elmo

  • Kermit the Phrog
    Kermit the Phrog

    Ur vids make my day thanks

  • Ki Ki
    Ki Ki

    Dark souls 1 rats

  • RedRevo 117
    RedRevo 117

    Ah yes he got JoJo'd

  • Big Man Carl
    Big Man Carl


  • Wingless Gamer
    Wingless Gamer

    Elmo be hitting different

  • Fritzy42

    Why did the first one sound like Elmo😭

  • Just izac
    Just izac

    Elmo slime

  • Separatist Productions
    Separatist Productions

    Hey man mind if I get a little Chomp

  • Crazy_Lew 90
    Crazy_Lew 90

    Demons in a nutshell, basically it's dark souls but they swear its not

  • Armen Tatevossian
    Armen Tatevossian

    lil goop boi sounds like elmo

  • JacketClanKing

    Ditto voiced by Elmo?

  • Pyro


  • Xxnoo_gamerxX

    0:06 dont kill him plz

  • Pablo Arias
    Pablo Arias


  • Adrian's Channel
    Adrian's Channel

    CirletoonsHd is the last boss

  • StrangerDanger :D
    StrangerDanger :D

    I mean they did just give you a plague also you did nothing to stop it and it murdered you in like a second

  • That Crusader Guy
    That Crusader Guy

    “Oh... I see you’ve met Carl” greatest line ever

  • [Insert name here]
    [Insert name here]

    0:15 elmo is that you?

  • Hojun Yoon
    Hojun Yoon

    0:15 Ditto’s last words .

    • Kareem


  • iLikeYaCutG9

    Poison: Every gamer’s weakness

  • Reznick Morris
    Reznick Morris

    the first slime boi sounds like elmo

  • Anime Reaper
    Anime Reaper

    Y E S

  • Umbryth

    Wait a minute... Poison damage in rpgs!?! It was you all along?!?

  • CasinoR

    You telling me setting them on fire was the way to kill em reeeeeeee

  • Kentuckia Gaming
    Kentuckia Gaming


  • Marius Enea
    Marius Enea

    THE funny part yestarday i beat the slime boss

  • Andrei Dobrin
    Andrei Dobrin

    Slop pop

  • TheWitherWarrior

    "Do you want to fight me?" I swear dude i cant the voice😂😂

  • Vincent Idzardi
    Vincent Idzardi

    *The sound like jar jar sith*

  • Tillidin factory
    Tillidin factory

    This could also be the witcher 3 with the enemy level upscale rats glitch 😂

  • Cindy Crouch
    Cindy Crouch

    He just wanted a hug

  • Just Peepz
    Just Peepz


  • Pony Metal Vocals
    Pony Metal Vocals

    As a demon souls vet... Yeah.

  • A&D Potter
    A&D Potter

    Me: I am Invincible! 🐀: I'm gunna Munch, *I'm gunna Crunch*

  • A&D Potter
    A&D Potter

    Throughout all the Souls Games, One enemy has StunLocked all of us into oblivion. That one enemy, the rat.

  • Cranky Chip
    Cranky Chip


  • TheChronicler

    Hey buddy pal chum pal friendo mind if I just take a nibble *(D S 1 R E S P A W N)*

  • I am a cat
    I am a cat

    Ah I see you understand my pain

  • - Lucid Dreamer -
    - Lucid Dreamer -

    Demon souls in a nutshell is its a joke once you can farm half-moon grass easily, which is pretty early, and then when youre able to farm full moon grass it's over. The end of the game is a joke.

  • devon752

    lol that's the cutest "hello" I've heard anywhere

  • Derpass Twahtskie
    Derpass Twahtskie

    Ah yes... The Black Death The true final boss

  • MalWorld

    You should have a video game or mobile app

  • Bobenne


  • Ellie Universe TV
    Ellie Universe TV

    This video: called demons souls in a nutshell Me when I’m watching it: *666*,837 Also me: *Chuckles, I’m in Danger*

  • Bill Cypher
    Bill Cypher

    I just noticed there is 666 535 views

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie Figueroa

    Why does this have so much less views than his other videos?🤨 It's really funny 😂

  • Tomorrow Is Yesterday
    Tomorrow Is Yesterday

    1:06 whole unusual effect? This guy rich

  • Formlessfear Studios
    Formlessfear Studios

    O shit a rat

  • Pj quing•
    Pj quing•

    He is Hacking he can literally kill a Slime

  • CosmikLettuce

    I'm sopose to believe a little rat can kill me. Europe: 👁️👄👁️

  • NotWeabJones

    Dies by rate sounds like my dnd group. Got crit by a rate and died. Only to be resurrected as the rat king

  • Regan Williams
    Regan Williams

    So cool

  • Victory The jammer
    Victory The jammer

    Can you do adventures of chris in a nutshell nest

  • 09SkyFrost

    These animations are 10x better than Alan becker's animations

  • hello there
    hello there

    This is seriously going to kill a single zombie in The walking Dead saints and sinners

  • Milk

    You need to make a tiktok your vids are short so they should fit

  • Kirby lover
    Kirby lover

    that slime is so adorable

  • Lucas Hutchens
    Lucas Hutchens

    "Oh, i see you met carl." XD

  • SomeFlatSoda 987
    SomeFlatSoda 987

    The rat had several patches of exposed flesh and was still alive That's like 18 different red flags