When You Finish a Game You Fell in Love With
A rollercoaster of emotions, admission free ;~;
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  • The Failanx
    The Failanx

    This is true for TV and book series too.

  • ThatOneCringeKid YT
    ThatOneCringeKid YT

    Just like Titanfall 2 :’(

  • The Great Scribbles
    The Great Scribbles

    me finishing the bioshock collection

  • Ozkeybug

    The feeling I had when my xbox 360 died R.I.P halo 3

  • Randall

    I have slowly but surely been going through my entire Steam and Switch backlog, chasing the feeling that I got when I completed Dark Souls for the first time. Things haven't been the same since 2014....

  • raafay ali
    raafay ali

    *the last of us intensifies*

  • Elizabeth leach
    Elizabeth leach

    Just play over again

  • Black Jovian
    Black Jovian

    Me when I finished playing Hollow Knight.

  • Sam Brennan
    Sam Brennan

    Red dead 2 the last of us and uncharted all had this vibe after I finished them

  • My Cat
    My Cat

    Well you can complete it again and try to max the new file

  • Donna Rowe
    Donna Rowe

    Me when sally fave ended

  • Gabriel Foster
    Gabriel Foster

    Me with sleeping dogs

  • Bonxgamer

    im late, but this was how i felt about titanfall two

  • angry nyan
    angry nyan

    This is me when I beated BO1 And MW2. It was so fun with the Campaign

  • Daniel Holtzman
    Daniel Holtzman

    Maybe I'm basic, but this is me with every Zelda game, and 3D Mario games, oh and some of the Pokemon games. I'm currently on my second playthrough of the entire Zelda series, life feels emptier without it. Maybe I just need more irl friends.

  • Jordan

    My play through of Uncharted,Tales from the borderlands,Scott Pilgrim the game in a nutshell:

  • Mango Man
    Mango Man

    Bruh when you finish CupHead I feel more relieved than anything

  • Critical Failure
    Critical Failure

    I still feel like I haven’t found my “game.” That is, something I feel empty without and something I can always return to no matter what.

  • Dillon George
    Dillon George

    Me when I finished Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

  • Lonewolf 3817
    Lonewolf 3817

    Let's get a F in the chat for our favorite games that we all miss that have no replay ability

  • Fernando Brandão
    Fernando Brandão

    The last of us part II

  • ProfessorEdits

    uncharted 4 be like

  • Christian Boustani
    Christian Boustani

    This is the most relatable video I've ever watched

  • L u
    L u

    Just finished the Utawarerumono trilogy, feeling quite empty now, guess I will try go for plantinum.

  • Nick Gray
    Nick Gray

    Doom Eternal be like

  • John Kanuch
    John Kanuch

    When you 112% hollow knight

  • BF Chamb3
    BF Chamb3

    it took me 3 years to finish zelda botw. i've seen the darkest corners of the word and gotten every single shrine. i did a duplication glitch and now have two hyrule shields

  • Blooper

    New Game +

  • paul Rivera
    paul Rivera

    Death stranding made me cry

  • Viewer


  • NebulaMagePlays

    I feel called out.

  • Freakin Spooky
    Freakin Spooky

    It's like finishing Chrono Cross.... I've never been so sad... And confused.

  • 4NIMS

    vim pelo dippertale 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Stephen Trawick
    Stephen Trawick

    This is Xenoblade Chronicles for me. Xenoblade X was also really good, but Xenoblade 2 was a big disappointment.

  • Super duper
    Super duper

    I have never replayed a game, I know if I do that I wont enjoy it so I just keep the good memories I already made

  • Kenzhiro

    It's the same with anime

  • Josh Krueger
    Josh Krueger

    Hey circle why are your videos so stupidly relatable

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    It was Hollow Knight, it was Hollow Knight.


    That last part was good.

  • Naterz

    this is what happened with me and the Division 1 (had mediocre gameplay but I absolutely loved the storyline and atmosphere)

  • Camilo Moscoso
    Camilo Moscoso

    I think the credits are from god of war

  • Wandering Crusader
    Wandering Crusader

    Botw be like

  • Zachary James
    Zachary James

    god of war 4: we finish it then in my head WWWWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD AND IT HAS TO END LIKE THAT?

  • HydroKnight

    This is me with undertale

  • L.A.B Productions
    L.A.B Productions

    This is me when I first found ghost of Tsushima

  • Kenny

    This is basically RDR2 fans in a nutshell

  • Onl7one

    Death stranding for me... 🥲

  • CTP 10
    CTP 10

    After you play yakoze 0-6 on legendary mode this the f felling

  • Dommond

    Omori pov

  • Black- Leone
    Black- Leone

    Truth. Pure Truth

  • Sean Mataranyika
    Sean Mataranyika

    I've been replaying Undertale for the past 5 years. *Help*

  • Hunyeah Howe
    Hunyeah Howe

    Me when I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  • JoykillBill

    Sequel to Game: Hey there Gamer! I’m just like the game you love! C’mon! I may have some gimmicks or more bugs than you were expecting, but I’m just like that other game!” Me: *sobs* No you’re not... and you never will be.

  • karthik.max4

    That's Witcher 3 for me just now finished 1st time!

  • KnowledgeSmelting

    plot twist: its BotW

  • Patatoe power
    Patatoe power

    That's how l felt after rdr2

  • Luke McNamara
    Luke McNamara

    I saw Just Cause 2 in your library, that’s really good one.

  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat

    I agree. I just finished playing Purrfect Apawcalipse and Everhood and now I have extreme depression

  • ScaredyBear

    Currently enjoying botw, feck trying to understand the story. Almost to the end by the sound of it tho.

  • JJxkilla

    So....Little nightmares....

  • Skeletor Moan
    Skeletor Moan

    This was me after finishing Morrowind and CoD WaW

  • void_of_everything

    Fallout: new vegas, hollow knight, and so, so many more.

  • DanteyDantes

    *laughs in extra hard and frustating 100% completion achievement*

  • Jude Finnie
    Jude Finnie

    This was me during BoTW tbh

  • DemoMan From T Ƒ 2
    DemoMan From T Ƒ 2

    Me with GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2

  • zombiedude9976

    An actual representation of me after Black Ops 3 Zombies support is finished. (I don’t mainly play the easter egg quests, but I do know of the story)

  • Raiyanking :D
    Raiyanking :D

    That feeling when the last mission is the name of the game

  • anish bemalkhedkar
    anish bemalkhedkar

    cod mw1 :(

  • Dinosaur : Jason Thomas
    Dinosaur : Jason Thomas

    This was me with mafia

  • Phantom ProjectX
    Phantom ProjectX

    Ghost of Tsushima and cyberpunk good story lines.

  • DaniBoi

    A great example is Super Mario 64

  • Seth Willard
    Seth Willard

    This hit me in the feels so damn hard

  • Marcus Lagman
    Marcus Lagman

    I really enjoy how the beginning of these can get off-topic and then goes back to what the title of the video entails

  • Betito117

    Oh boy do I have a few of those

  • Drago the Shinigami
    Drago the Shinigami

    Me after I finished Dragon Quest 6 or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

  • Kizit

    Me when I witcher 3

  • Mcmominstin

    Me finishing let’s go on the switch in a nutshell

  • enzo zabala
    enzo zabala

    I remember when i first ended [PROTOTYPE 2] Oh,and that line of alex mercer that said "now you've just pissed me off" or the thousand times that heller said bad words

  • Luadzo_Draws

    Happened to me with Undertale

  • Spirit YT
    Spirit YT

    Once i beat a game and i really like it i just try to 100% it

  • Human • 62 years ago
    Human • 62 years ago

    This what i felt when i finish undertale

  • SophiaRex Stuff
    SophiaRex Stuff

    Every youtuber when they finish subnautica

  • Smiti

    That’s why Minecraft is the best

  • Ersilia Lopes
    Ersilia Lopes

    I like videogames

  • BadStyles

    Lol me and dmc 3 & 5

  • Ant

    This is me when I finished terraria in less than a month

  • Kalon Blaise
    Kalon Blaise

    Yo you got just cause 2 dang man

  • EshinTec

    Me when I played FF15

  • kaloyan Ivanov
    kaloyan Ivanov

    I just got just cause i really enjoy it i don't want it to end

  • Ritzer Moon
    Ritzer Moon

    Be happy that it happened -- Random dude

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia

    Me playing titanfall over and over again because I want to relive the feeling I had when I first played it but I can’t but still get sad at the end:

  • unknownthing

    that's celeste baby

  • CryoKing

    He never played Jurassic Park: The Game? He owns it but hasn't played it. Heresy of the highest order. Feed him to the Troodons.

  • Fefek1

    *Undertale* Sobs

  • Marlon David Murcia Cabrera
    Marlon David Murcia Cabrera

    Alternative title: when You finish an Anime You fell in love with

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller

    Red Dead Redemption 2 story

  • Nathan hughes
    Nathan hughes

    Basically portal 2

  • oog

    Doom Eternal moment

  • Donovan Phillips
    Donovan Phillips

    Me when I finished Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Blood, and Doom eternal.

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    Literally how I felt after Dark Souls