When the RPG Minigame is Overly Complicated
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  • CircleToonsHD

    What next?! Do you expect me to PAY MY TAXES?! SERIOUSLY?! Why is there a knock at my doo- Oh btw guys, really fun Pokemon card stream tomorrow at 1PM EST!

    • Information Not Available
      Information Not Available

      Why does this voice sound exactly like Binkey the bulldog from Authur?

    • Cristian Salas
      Cristian Salas

      I think it’s a Minecraft sped run

    • hans Alvarado
      hans Alvarado

      Bro i should make your own mobile rpg since we like your art style

    • Tman Clash
      Tman Clash

      Video idea When you kill the enemies too quickly that the fight music continues in RPG's somthin like that would be awesome :D

    • Leo Ahumada
      Leo Ahumada

      oh man I sure cant wait for that card stream tomorrow, hopefully im not late

  • Ryan O'Connor
    Ryan O'Connor

    0:16 The correct panel is the one his hand is on. Middle row, and all the way to the right.

  • Akechi Mitsuhide
    Akechi Mitsuhide

    And when you open it it's a mimic and [YOU DIED]

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    When I saw the preview image, I thought the lock was the Eye of Sauron.

  • Ryan Carrasco
    Ryan Carrasco

    Does anyone happen to know the song that plays at the end? (Even though it plays for about two seconds.)

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      @Ryan Carrasco No problem, hope you enjoy!

    • Ryan Carrasco
      Ryan Carrasco

      @Justin Carwile Thanks a ton, dude!!

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • Pollycat1957

    looks like dream

  • Justin Carwile
    Justin Carwile

    What was that music at the end? Edit: Song is - Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • chad top lane rengar
    chad top lane rengar

    EA : This chest requies a key called yer wallet .

  • 3metal4life1

    Hilarious! What's the song at the end?

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams

    Anyone else get the 5 minute long Lume commercial? Funny I watched the whole thing.

  • Silvadel Shaladin
    Silvadel Shaladin

    Keys are available in the cash shop for 300 widgets. You get 1-3 widgets as a "bonus" whenever you buy 10 rhodium with real money. Rhodium can't buy keys.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    ` unlock skyrim pc players would understand when a lock annoys them

  • Elias Cool
    Elias Cool

    0:37 his true beauty

  • Button

    0:37 he is beautiful

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller

    Kingdome come deliverance

  • Inyo

    Well of course it requires a key that’s what lockpicks are for >: [

  • kirbo

    realistic circle toons bottom text

  • Kevin Candelario
    Kevin Candelario

    Reminds me of then expert hacking challenges in fallout. Hated them so much

  • James Fleming
    James Fleming

    Remember when minigames were actually games away from the game? E.g bowling in Crash Tag Team Racing

  • Yav Ne
    Yav Ne

    *Oblivion intensifies*

  • Kenshin Rounin
    Kenshin Rounin

    that reflection was priceless, thank you bro for having such a unique sense of humor.

  • AR B
    AR B

    Bro how did he draw that vey very detailed face in ms paint

  • Lyric The Great
    Lyric The Great

    Game: This chest requires a key. Lockpick: Am I a joke to you?

  • Fadly Fahreza
    Fadly Fahreza

    Sir, we demand a name of the song at the end. Thank you for your participation

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • -ElCacas_Ü-

    Card swipe:

  • TheRawringDog

    this locked item requires a key well yeah,they all do,the whole point of lockpicking is so i dont need a key,this game makes no sense

  • Zerin BH
    Zerin BH

    i can relate to kingdoms of amalur

  • Phil Wagner
    Phil Wagner


  • SentinalSlice

    That reflection!

  • guybrush1701

    Love the Mario M on his phone!

  • autotactic

    On Lufia 2 there was a quite complicated puzle, to open the door to the hardest puzle ever

  • chill man
    chill man

    Skyrim be like:

  • Benin_16

    Ffs I just spent time working out the symbol part of the chest only to realise that NONE of them match. What is my life.

  • D Roman
    D Roman

    Rogue: “Ha! I got a SKELETON KEY.” **Chest opens to reveal... nothing. It’s empty**

  • mchammer1337

    You could just unscrew the lock and bingo

  • Hæ

    Song at 0:54?

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • bl4ze 3403
    bl4ze 3403

    Reflect on yourself: ( č - č )

  • OwentheKingofDudes

    What's the song at 0:51?

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • Even the Steven
    Even the Steven

    Then he finally finds the key opens the chest and gets a legendary dagger then he does a way easier quest for the family and gets a double of the legendary dagger anyways

  • Chris Mclean
    Chris Mclean

    You need to unlock lockpicking level 5.

  • Valisk01

    Would have been a 10/10 If it was the Guts theme at the end. 9/10 I love you

  • Donald Trumpet
    Donald Trumpet

    Kingdom come be like:

  • joseph debbah
    joseph debbah

    when he was talking to his mom...I was just concentrating on the mom's "meme...mmememe" while smalling, I can't remember what he was saying as if he was the one blabing xd

  • CaseyAnimates

    He should just make an RPG at this point...

  • Trelior

    This guy needs to call LockPickingLawyer

  • L9M2

    Chest contains: 3 gold pieces 1 lockpick. TAKE IT LEAVE IT.

  • Véry Casual
    Véry Casual

    This is too much pain, even for someone like this guy who breaks into people's houses. . . . in a game

  • Soda Z
    Soda Z

    Fallout's hacking mechanic be like

  • kryten1992

    was expecting his tools to brake, and having to start it all again

  • Finn Van Meter
    Finn Van Meter

    0:39 True Beauty

  • AyyImYou

    Carrot minigame

  • Creamy PH
    Creamy PH

    Kingdom come: deliverance reference

  • Jules Miller
    Jules Miller

    Just say Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Youtube Awsome
    Youtube Awsome

    Literally fecking kingdom comes: deliverance lockpicking in a nutshell

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon Gomez

    There was one minigame that was optional in mario and luigi dream team were your supposed to bounce in to the rings and you have a limited number of bounces but apparently your supposed to do that and more just to unlock Mario's final bros attack

  • PandaX

    Me playing a rpg, Get a key and open the chest, Takes hours to find the key Yes I finally got it, Inside is a note saying kill 100 thousand monsters to get another key to another chest Inside is the item I need to give Gives it, but they give me a level 5 sword When I'm level 152

  • Xanegoh

    This chest requires a key. "Okay, that's...a little infuriating. But a key shouldn't be too hard to find." (Many hours later) "Alright, I went out and found nine randon keys. One of them has to fit." Chest requires a 'piano' key. "..."

  • Mtn. Adew
    Mtn. Adew

    Does not open from this side.

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy

    U reached 2m subs yay

  • Peon The kid that insults Josuke
    Peon The kid that insults Josuke

    That sounds a bit like Ricky Berwick

  • aloxxu

    The lockpicking reminds me of a dentist

  • kingevin56

    plot twist : the key is inside. and after open the chest the reward is only the key.

  • Omega Star
    Omega Star

    0:18 I spent the time doing this and the correct symbol is middle right

  • Themainplayer321

    Honestly chests requiring keys in these types of games is so dumb

  • 李昱賢

    you look like minecraft dream the speed runner

  • Armstrong Gaming
    Armstrong Gaming

    When you lock pick something and then you find the key in the next room...

  • Jared Ojeda
    Jared Ojeda

    Jajja best ending

  • Frank Prince
    Frank Prince

    Circle should make his own RPG. It would be really good.

  • Psych99 HD
    Psych99 HD

    The special symbol is on the top right

  • Bear

    0:38 LMAO 😂😂


    Last song name pls


      @Justin Carwile jaja thank you man

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      @JOSEDANIEL ARGUETA No problem, it was driving me crazy too, so I've just been trying to go through the comments replying to everyone who asked. Hope you enjoy the full song! : )


      @Justin Carwile dude...thanks, you're the man

    • Justin Carwile
      Justin Carwile

      Song is: Sorry for the Pain and the Hurting by Fleurs Douce

  • Jaden Terwillegar
    Jaden Terwillegar

    Inside the chest where two wooden coins

  • Nitrome plays
    Nitrome plays

    The skyrim locks are difficult on their own

  • JC

    But don't you pick locks because you don't have a key?

  • girlfriend

    And the only thing in the chest was shit. Cloths, broken swords, human flesh. (I forgot the games name but there was a game that had shit in it. Shit was an item.)

  • Room prisoner The dreamer
    Room prisoner The dreamer


  • Cole Wygans
    Cole Wygans

    The key is in another chest

  • Asrial IsDreamurr
    Asrial IsDreamurr


  • Ekso

    ah fuck Kingdom Come Deliverance flashbacks

  • Smiler Entertainment
    Smiler Entertainment

    Oblivion lockpicking V.S. Skyrim lockpicking

  • somekorean

    the hardest lock-picking minigame, I've ever done was from Assassins Creed. (forgot about the title, but it was on the Xbox 360)

  • David López
    David López

    You know the chest is made out of wood You know that there’s just metal things Why the hell he didn’t use an axe to break it Or just YEET out the chest and break it and keep your stuff

  • GR Gaming
    GR Gaming

    His outfit is Dream

  • GR Gaming
    GR Gaming

    Is his avatar a dream reference?

  • StarGG

    *cough* idle slayer *cough*

  • volcanic death
    volcanic death

    Is there a game like this specifically

  • RJ Rowley
    RJ Rowley

    *Laughs in outer worlds*

  • Silvertipstudio

    Whenever fire emblem heroes releases a new game mode:

  • xXLoneLoboXx

    I ever come across a lock that complicated, I’m just using the console to unlock it... Life is too short for that complicated lengthy BS.

  • gaming PC
    gaming PC

    What app do you use?

  • Sesay Family
    Sesay Family

    the most prettys face i ever seen

  • Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi
    Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi

    "how do i do a thing in a video game?" 12 year old: ask ye mum. "MOM HOW DO I BURN DOWN THIS HOUSE?"

  • Universal Time
    Universal Time

    999k views lol

  • Tggamer

    Oh, Goddamit I Thought It Was Dream

  • TheShadowKing

    I was going to say he should pickpocket instead but I have a feeling that won’t work

  • CapitalTeeth

    Let me guess, Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

  • PolyRolly

    All I can say is S K Y R I M IN A NUTSHELL

  • Johan Liebert
    Johan Liebert

    Im putting more of these chests ariund the city

  • DiaKorrus 18
    DiaKorrus 18

    Don’t forget Nintendo and it’s durability

  • Mallchad

    After completing and going trough the entire game you come back to the chest only to realise there isn't a key anywhere in the game and you are left confused. Upon researching the problem you discover the key was offered as a part of a special event, that never happened.... .-.